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Abandoned America news

August 2014 Updates
15th August 2014

So much has been going on in August and July. So much!
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The Victory Theatre: An After the Final Curtain Photography Workshop
08th August 2014
Abandoned America partners with Matt Lambros of After the Final Curtain to offer a workshop at the Victory Theatre in Holyoke, MA!

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Steam & Steel Workshop on August 23
19th June 2014
Abandoned America, the National Museum of Industrial History, and the Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center are teaming up to put on our biggest photography workshop yet!

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Old Catskill Game Farm Photography Workshop
17th June 2014
The newest workshop in the Abandoned America series takes place in an enormous, 200+ acre zoo that has been closed since 2006. What more could you want?

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Scranton Lace Co. Photography Workshop
16th June 2014
Abandoned America photography workshop on at the Scranton Lace Factory.

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Trolley Graveyard Photography Workshop
10th June 2014
Situated on a little over two acres, there are dozens of trolleys and train cars from PA, MA, KS, and more in various states of decomposition to photograph including some very old specimens. Participants will also have access to an otherwise locked storage area with very well preserved relics including a car from 1912.

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Pennhurst State School and Hospital Abandoned America Workshop
03rd April 2014
Abandoned America's newest photography workshop is taking place at a legendary location, Pennhurst State School and Hospital!

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An Erasure of Sorts: An Abandoned America Blog
22nd February 2014
Sitting up there in the dark amidst the shadows of familiar things now twisted and blackened, with lazy ashes swirling in the last fleeting rays of sunshine, I knew I was where I belonged.

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