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Blogs and News | Abandoned America

Abandoned America: Photoshop Layering and RAW Class
24th May 2016
Sometimes it's hard to get into how to edit photos during an on-site workshop. If you'd like to find out about RAW processing, bracketing, and layering in Photoshop, come join me in Philly for a fun night of photo processing, a Q&A, and light refreshments.

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Leap of Faith Workshop 3: 2016 Edition
21st May 2016
The 2016 Abandoned America Leap of Faith workshop is finally announced!

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Smaller and Smaller Every Day
13th March 2016
Here you saw reflected through the thick plexiglass their reaction to the animal you had become, herded to and from your cell with batons and rifles, the omnipresent threat of solitary, of other things too horrible for them to contemplate.

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The Formula of Fear
09th March 2016
I do believe in monsters, and the empty and unused buildings I visit are probably the spots where I am least likely to encounter them.

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Nothing Ever Dies
03rd March 2016
It's easy to only focus on the sadness inherent in an old derelict building like Taunton, but there's so much more to what it has to tell us.

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"Abandoned America: Dismantling the Dream" Now Available For Preorder!
01st March 2016
The newest volume of the Abandoned America series by Matthew Christopher is now available on online booksellers for preorder!

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very odd indeed | Abandoned America
01st March 2016
I may not be terribly afraid of death. I may even wish for it at times. I am, however, afraid of being paralyzed, of falling onto a rotted shard of floorboard and laying impaled and broken for hours, with no real help available.

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Pennhurst State School and Hospital Abandoned America Workshop
12th December 2015
Abandoned America's newest photography workshop is taking place at a legendary location, Pennhurst State School and Hospital!

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"A Vanishing Countryside" Photography Workshop
10th December 2015
Photograph abandoned barns, farm, and farmhouses in some of the most scenic locations rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey have to offer with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America!

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Sale on Signed Copies of My Book, "Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences"!
15th November 2015
I'm running a promotion: buy a signed copy of my book through my website and you'll get a free 5x7, or some other Abandoned America goodies of equal or greater value!

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Seph Lawless: A Real American Horror Story
06th November 2015
It's been a while since I wrote about the dishonest antics of Seph Lawless, internet misinformation peddler extraordinaire. A lot has happened: threats to me, my publisher, places I speak at, and so much other online harassment it merits a whole article.

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Debunking "The Trolley Tragedy of 1957"
18th October 2015
What happens when news stories about abandoned sites are published without fact checking? A bizarro tale of Seph Lawless, fraud, and a journalistic train wreck. By Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America

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the eye of the hurricane
09th October 2015
I don't see how it is possible not to connect the dots with these places. To me, they are the eye of a hurricane, the effects of a society spinning so quickly that its own mass and weight are pulling it apart.

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No Hope for a Cure
25th August 2015
Perhaps the sadness of finding children's toys in abandoned locations mirrors our worst failure, our inability to protect them from how brutal reality can be.

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