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Abandoned America news

No Matter How Far
02nd July 2015
The focus wasn't just right, I made some other stupid mistake in the settings, the angle could have been better. I should have tried more, and worked harder.

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"A Vanishing Countryside" Photography Workshop
01st July 2015
Photograph abandoned barns, farm, and farmhouses in some of the most scenic locations rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey have to offer with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America!

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Leap of Faith Workshop 2: 2015 Edition
30th June 2015
The new Abandoned America Leap of Faith Workshop for 2015 is unveiled!

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In the Interest of Honesty
23rd June 2015
It's never just been about the history or preservation of these places, it's more about trying to figure out how to survive myself.

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On Researching and Historical Accuracy
19th June 2015
Even the best efforts to research a site sometimes present inaccurate results - how does one deal with human error in historical writing?

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Abandoned America June Updates
09th June 2015
All the Abandoned America updates for June 2015!

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Way to Go, Philadelphia! We Destroyed the Boyd!
09th May 2015
A congratulatory letter to the City of Philadelphia on the demolition of its last movie palace, the Boyd Theater

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Abandoned America Gallery Update: Pleasure Beach
22nd April 2015
An entire neighborhood left for dead: the newest gallery update on Abandoned America.

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