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Hollely Bros. Clothing Factory*

It is extremely rare to find a site that has been untouched for over a decade. Hollely Bros. once was an economic tentpole of its region, employing 800-1000 people, until cheaper labor to the south forced it out of business. With the workers' personal items still up and their projects still in their workstations, pigeons are the only visitors this site has had since it closed. Since I photographed it, most of the workstations were broken up for scrap but never sold, now resting in a jumbled heap on the factory floor.

Please note that the true name of this location has not been disclosed to prevent theft, vandalism, and arson. Abandoned buildings are vulnerable and I do not want my work contributing to their decline. Photographs and unattributed text by Matthew Christopher. For more images click the thumbnails below.
a happy surprise portfolio Photos Taken: May 2007
Camera: Minolta Dimage a200
Last Updated: February 2007
dismantled portfolio Photos Taken: April 2009
Camera: Olympus Evolt 510
Last Updated: April 2013
sifting through the remains portfolio Photos Taken: March 2013
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Last Updated: April 2013