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Abandoned America Updates for November and December

Posted: 24th November 2012
In: News
Hello everyone,

I wanted to drop you a quick note about a few major site updates/developments to my website Abandoned America. There have been quite a few, but I like to keep updates as short as possible and infrequent so as not to be bothersome with them so I'll zip right through.

30% Off Sale: From now until I decide to end it in a week or two, I am having a 30% off sale on ALL prints on Abandoned America. It's a great way to support the site on Small Business Saturday (and beyond), and prints make fantastic gifts. As always, I am happy to answer questions! The promo code is FBFAN - this means that for less than $20 you can give a 5x7, and for less than $40 you can give a beautiful 8x10 of your favorite image for the holidays. Larger print sizes are also available and discounted.

Gallery Updates:
I've added so much to the site since last email update I'm not sure where to even begin, but always remember that each gallery subheading lists sites in the order they have been updated (newest to oldest). Major additions/updates include: Harmony House Resort, Galilee Steel*, the Wilde Yarn Mill, the Trolley Graveyard, Conquistador China*, the G.B. Piranesi Prison*, Steadmoor Correctional Facility*, and the Philadelphia Naval Yard (where I recently taught a photography workshop in conjunction with the awesome group Hidden City Philadelphia). There were also smaller additions to AMARG and Kohl's Cycle Salvage. Panoramas have also been added to their respective galleries although you can still check them out on their dedicated page here. Other ongoing cosmetic updates, blog/news additions, etc. are out there too. Take a look. You'd get annoyed if I spent an hour listing all of the rest of them.

Hire Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America:
I am currently looking to line up work for the following year. What do I do? I teach photography courses at an academic level and also via workshops and am available as a tutor. I lecture on mental health history, photography, preservation, and urban blight. I do consulting work in a variety of roles including site preservation/security, fundraising efforts and media campaigns, museum exhibits, location scouting, and more. I take incredible photographs and interactive 360 degree panoramas of architecture, commercial businesses, documentation of demolition/restoration projects, headshots for portfolios, concerts and events, museum exhibits, portraits, and more. I am a writer and have a sizable amount of content ready to go in online or print publications. I offer reasonable rates and can give a pretty wide variety of references if you need them. My CV is here. If you or someone you know can use my services, please email me at admin[at]abandonedamerica.org.

Suggestions for New Store Items: I am adding new items to the online store for the holidays and will have that up and available within a week. Ideas include shirts, mugs, calendars, magnets, stickers. Any other thoughts? Are these interesting to you? Let me know.

Opportunities to Help the Site:
Obviously print sales and donations are a big help, but if you're short on money and want to help out, here are a few ideas. First, reread the "Hire me" blurb above and think if you or anyone you know could use my services. Second, sharing my work via social media is a huge help: sharing from my Facebook page, adding things from my website onto Pinterest, Reddit, and so forth are great ways to get the word out. If you have a blog or a web page, writing something about the site or linking to it is appreciated. Contacting people you might know who write about photography or are involved with magazines, online journals, are academics, curators, museum staff, etc. - this is enormously helpful too. You could also take a few moments to fill out a nomination form and nominate me as a speaker for TED Talks. Suggestions and thoughts are always appreciated!

Final Thoughts: I have been very busy wrapping up my thesis for my MFA in Photography (show gallery here) and am finally done, so now I will be looking at where to go from here. I am very thankful for the people like you who I have met along the way and who support my work. People who enjoy the site and can find a way to help it evolve or to get the word out there are my greatest asset. It is a blessing to be able to share the places I visit and the work that I do is pretty much all towards finding ways to create more compelling content for you and to document and create memorials to these spaces I visit, so any assistance you can give goes right back into the greater good I'm working towards. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and please don't hesitate to contact me with thoughts - just don't be mad if I take a while to reply; I read them all immediately but since I am working on so many fronts finding time to properly respond can take a while!.

Thanks again, have a great holiday, and I hope you all enjoy the updates to the website. There are many, many more to come.

Matthew Christopher
If you are interested in purchasing an Abandoned America print, please follow this link!

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