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Abandoned carriage house - Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America
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somewhere there's a door i've found
to a room hidden deep underground
beneath the bitter snarls of twisted roots,
beneath the shuffling, stomping, trampling boots
of our schizophrenic society.
devoid of this shrill cacophony,
past ads and pills and sports and news,
bathed in the somber, muted hues
of all that's passed and yet to come
is an elegant equation whose final sum
remains unchanged despite all schemes and ploys,
all desperate fears and frantic joys.
some mistake the quiet of this darkened room
for oblivion, for senseless gloom
and flee, as though they could escape;
yet whatever the form, whatever shape
inevitability assumes in the guise of day
the peaceful solitude of slow decay
is ever patient and calls life's every bluff -
we all visit her bedroom soon enough.

Photograph taken at abandoned carriage house, 2007 by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.

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