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Old Catskill Game Farm Photography Workshop

Posted: 15th February 2014
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Photo comment By Maria: Intense. Love it. get a sense from viewing what it might have been like to be in the cages during its heyday
Photo comment By Lance J: Having grown up in the Mohawk Valley, this was way downstate to us. I vividly remember going there in about 1967 at age 5. The most memorable part was the Rhinoceros's and the moat that kept them from wandering off.
Photo comment By Paul evanko: My family an I would pass by the game farm every time we would go to our property we own in stamford,ny or to my cousins house in middleburgh ny do the new owners plan to open it again as a petting zoo/museum ?? So sad it's gone😞
Photo comment By Melissa Harnett: This place was my childhood. It would be too hard to see it as it is now.
Photo comment By Donna: Please restore as a game farm. Such incredible memories made there. Heartbroken it's Such a loss.gone.
Photo comment By Janet: Oh, I loved this place. Many visits through the years, with family, friends, my Brownie troop, and then later with my children when they were young. I cried when they closed it, and have tears in my eyes today, as I see these photos. Such good times were spent there, wish they were still open. Love for my grandchildren to see it.
Photo comment By Terry Hawthorne: Will you be adding more dates to the Catskill Game Farm this year? Thank you!!
Photo comment By Anne Sullivan Miscoski: I remember going to the Catskill Game Farm when i was young, 1970 ish and it was great to see and get close to all the animals. Wow, i hope it can be resurrected for the younger generations.
Photo comment By Kathy: Went here many times growing up. Always something new to see. So sad it shut down.
Photo comment By Tom Murphy: I may be dating myself, but I haven't been there since the early 60s, and I don't remember much -- just that is was a favorite outing for my family that all us kids looked forward to. And I remember the petting zoo pretty well.
Photo comment By Zookeeper Lakewood: Very interesting. We were watching American Pickers and saw a sign that was from the zoo. It sparked my curiousity since there was a zoo in our community that was the largest privately owned zoo as well. Lakewood Farm and Zoo closed in the 1930's. Check out the Getz Farm and Zoo! Glad to hear there are plans to get the Catskill Zoo in better shape. It'll be a treasure. Keep the history going, Once it's gone, it's gone. Way to go!
Photo comment By Melissa: Hope to see another day this summer. I would love to do this.
Photo comment By Kim Kafka: Please let me know if there 2 cancels... I wanted to attend but its sold out so fast
Photo comment By fellows family: we would go here with our mother and father many years ago. i remember riding the fire engine around the park. as i got older and had my own kids and wife we would head there while camping in the catskills
Photo comment By Claude: "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream..." so long ago but I vaguely remember the sign by the bears! Great memories, sad it's gone.
Photo comment By amy: Wow what fantastic memory's! Was there last in 1968..loved feeding the animals and the train.Hope a miracle happens with this place.went up to the Catskills every summer from when I was a baby to teenager..I feel blessed to have gone to Catskill game farm many times...
Photo comment By Donna: Fond memories of going to the Catskill Game Farm when I was a child in the early 1960's with my parents & brother when we vacationed in Hanes Falls. My mother tells me a goat started eating at her pocketbook made out of straw!
Photo comment By Patty: Is there a photography workshop schedule that I can look at
Photo comment By Kathy Nelson: Please let me know when the next photography workshop will be. Would love to be able to spend hours walking around and taking pictures next summer.
Photo comment By Heather: Absolutely loved this place as a child then brung my kids there ashame to see nothing being done to this amazing place it should be reopened up as a zoo
Photo comment By Louis Jeune: Worked there the summer of 66 and 67. i loved the place but they worked you hard and six days a week for the season.
Photo comment By Anthony J Laino: Went every year from 1960 it closed. I was a kid then and took my kids and grandkids until they closed. Enjoyed every year going there and Carson city how I miss those days.
Photo comment By Jim Storms: My family an I used to go here back in the 70's an 80's when we would go up to my grandparents cabin in Catskill... So sad to see its gone. :/

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