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Site Updates and Changes

Posted: 01st September 2011
In: News
I've been hard at work over the last month updating the website, and I hope you'll enjoy the changes. Here are a few of the improvements!

- I am adding trip write-ups to every subgallery that will give you a better idea of what the trips were like. I realize that just seeing a gallery of photographs doesn't convey the trip itself very well sometime, and hopefully this will make things a bit more immersive and interesting. As of this post, I have about 65% of this complete. Keep stopping back if you don't see anything in a particular gallery.

- New photos added to several galleries, including St. Bernadette's Cathedral and the Klotz Throwing Company.

- Removed the pseudonyms from several sites. Reasons vary from demolition to places like Henryton that really can't be busted up any more than they are already.

- I am reorganizing the folder structure to make sites easier to locate. Now each main gallery (industrial/commercial, let's say) is organized into folders based on location type (hotels, factories, etc). each location gallery has been broken down into specific trip galleries that let you know when the photos were taken, when they were last updated, and what camera was used. each of these location galleries has a trip write up as described above. [Update June 2012: After negative response, the structure has been restored to its original status]

- The Purchase page is now online. It has instructions about how to order prints, links to the books, and the option to donate, all of which I hope you'll consider if you enjoy the site.

- Updated Showings - new as of September 1!

- Snazzy new front page logo replacing the slideshow.

- Abandonedamerica.org is now a mirror site. I miss it already but it it had to be merged sooner or later.

- Coming soon: lots more metadata that you will likely never see but will still take hours and hours to complete. Search engine optimization is fun that way.

- Slight changes in font/color layout to make things easier to read.

- Probably other things that I am forgetting.

So what do you think? Anything I'm missing? Let me know your suggestions below.
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