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some slight hope for redemption

Abandoned carriage house - Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America
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sometimes you wake up in the morning
to some throbbing internal ache
and everything just seems destined to go wrong.
the storm clouds hang menacingly overhead, and you know
that when the lightning starts crashing down, all the dried wood in your life
will ignite into a perfect firestorm obliterating every hope and dream you ever had.
at such times you wonder why you bother, why not just stay in bed
why even attempt anything when the world continually
pulls everything you accomplish apart?

and sometimes the lightning you expect,
it doesn't come.
the clouds part just enough for the sunshine to break through,
and you stand there, bewildered by
the fact that you've been spared somehow
from what you saw as the inevitable.
your back didn't break under the pressure,
your spirit didn't collapse under the strain.
the gods have been merciful this day, and
though you are not sure why,
or whether you even deserve it any more,
for a few moments you see something
like the green radiance of ivy climbing up
through the mangled shell of an old mausoleum,
like a white dove in the sky after a flood that blots out the earth,
like faith you forgot you even knew how to have.
these are the moments we live for,
more rare and precious than any tangible thing in the world,
because for those few fleeting seconds you see
that somehow, some way,
there is some slight hope for redemption.

Photograph taken at Charming Forge farmhouse, 2006 by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.

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