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i could just pull myself apart

i could just pull myself apart - Setting Sun Retirement Home*
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An interesting structural feature worthy of notice in this photo is the absence of the wall on the left and the slight list observable in the floor above it. What this means is that there is little to nothing supporting the entire left side of the hallway above this floor, which I walked down before I took this photo. If the currently established course of decay continues, I imagine this floor will either continue to gradually slant further, or it will suddenly shift downward from some added weight source (perhaps a photographer), dumping the contents of the hallway into the pit of broken wood and twisted metal that the room on the left has become. If the few rotted beams that are still standing are pushed inward as it appears they would be, toward the opposite wall of the pictured hallway, it is very possible that they will shear through the equally rotted boards on the right, which would presumably result in the entire upper hallway and the rooms adjoining it on the right side completely collapsing. The idea of such catastrophic structural failure fascinates me as I imagine it will be a very dramatic event no matter how it unfolds. though I wish I could observe it at a safe distance, I am also very grateful that I didn't witness it firsthand during this trip. I think it would probably have hurt.

Photograph and text by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America

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when it all comes caving in
the void within
as the evening twilight fades away
within me is the cold
every tatter in its mortal dress