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my heart is a hole

my heart is a hole - Setting Sun Retirement Home*
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you can keep all your friendship and all your love too
and the expectations to which they’re always tied
there’s nothing your kindness or caring will do
i tore out all the feeling inside.

i’m not here for pity or trying to be coy
i lack the gilding to be anything but blunt
my silence is no act, my detachment no ploy
there’s nothing that i have that you want.

you can keep all your illnesses and all of your cures
oh, in the end my only goal
is sleep and the darkness that it ensures
my heart, my heart is a hole

Photograph and text by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.

Also in: Setting Sun Retirement Home*

when it all comes caving in
the void within
as the evening twilight fades away
within me is the cold
every tatter in its mortal dress