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Abandoned Hotel Niagara - Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America
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The Grand Hotel Niagara, built between 1923-1925, is one of the more prominent landmarks in Niagara falls. Reportedly Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio stayed there while filming the movie 'Niagara' in 1952. The building was closed in 2007 for renovations and has changed hands several times since. While I was very excited to see the interior and remain very grateful to the owner who granted me access to it, it was a bit of a disappointment beyond the first two floors. The remainder of the building was completely gutted by a previous restoration effort and was not very photogenic. Slated to open again sometime this year (maybe?), there's still a lot of work to be done to get the Grand Hotel Niagara back to functionality, but it would certainly be a boon for the local economy. This photograph was taken of one of the first floor stairways, part of the relatively tiny area of the building that still retains some of its original character.

Photograph taken by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.



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