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Wilde Yarn Mill (Manayunk, PA) | Monitor

Wilde Yarn Mill (Manayunk, PA) | Monitor - Wilde Yarn Mill
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"I worked in 1983 and 84. I started in the upper building as a baler and blending helper and became the assist shipper before I left. I made the bales of mixed/blended wool that was placed in the Carding Machines that you showed on Instagram. As you see everything ran by belts. to engage the cards the guys would take stick and slow move the leather belt from idle pulley to the drive pulley and reverse it to stop. The motors that drove the cards could 15-20 minutes to reach top running speed. The pictures you have of the floors by the spinning frames bring back memories. I helped replace a lot of the wood floor in 1984. All the color in the wood was caused by years of machine oil. There were little thing about the building that I will never forgot. The upper building had one bathroom in the entire building. On the bottom floor we would take a piss in a hole that was in the floor. You could here the spring water running under the building and I guess it went right to the Schuylkill River. On the first floor of the lower building the was always water coming out right behind the building. The people that worked there were good people. The age range of the workers was from the early 20's to the mid 70's."

- Email from Tom W. about his years working at Wilde Yarn

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Photograph by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.

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