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Pilgrim State Hospital (Brentwood, NY) | where death delights

Dying In Your Sleep: Photographing Pilgrim State Hospital's Remains
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Let Conversation
Cease. Let Laughter
Flee. This is the Place
Where Death Delights
To Help the Living.

by Giovanni Morgagni

This quote, originally on the wall of Pilgrim State Hospital's morgue, refers to the way the when one is somber and silent, death 'helps' the physican by informing them about the malady that lead to the patient's passing. While it would have been logical enough to place the quote alongside the autopsy room as it had originally been intended, I chose instead to place it with the power plant, as I feel in the quote is as applicable to most abandonments - which are now 'dead' themselves - as it is to people who have perished. When one is quiet and respectful, abandoned sites often seem equally eager to impart the details of their own demise to educate those who have not yet followed their path. Very rarely do we (as a society) pay any attention.