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 - Portside Power Plant*
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One of the eternal mysteries of power plants is that the catwalks are always missing grating. I have been through dozens by now, some very large, and some very small, but it seems if there are walkways like this, there are also gaping holes where grating used to be. Was it taken by scrappers? If so, why, when it seems there are many easier things to salvage? Do the power companies remove it for some reason before they leave? I may never know.

Portside Power Plant (a pseudonym), 2009. Photograph and text by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America

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a certain kind of emptiness
echoes from the life behind
rendered drab by the shadows of time
of forms assembled in the light
locked from the inside
counterpoint to our fundamental failures
a symbol for the century
the trail of the past
in things continually vanishing
hard to say
what i wanted