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Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) | Stark Shadows

Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) | Stark Shadows - Bethlehem Steel
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Photograph taken in 2006 at the abandoned Bethlehem Steel complex in Bethlehem PA by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America. The Bethlehem Steel site has since been incorporated into the Steel Stacks and Sands Casino.

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Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) | Gas Blowing Engine Detail
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Photo comment By Amelia: Thank you for allowing me to feel the energy of the men who worked here, being the ones to create the shipbuilding and I-beams. I am a volunteer with Artsquest/Steelstacks, cherishing the Stacks and surrounding buildings. Looking forward to receiving the photos.
Photo comment By glen burcin: i had visited little rock, ark one time ad a girl had asked me where i was from, i told her bethlehem, pa. Her response was oh your a farmer! Somewhat baffled i responded that i worked for the PBNE railroad part of Bethlehem Steel. her response was what's that? It was a company who had built America.s skyscrapers, railroads, bridges, war ships, just to name a few of the things they had built. From the old bessemmer furnaces to the basic oxygen furnace and blast furnaces pumping out products on a 24 hour a day schedule that never stopped. It was a job that pride ran through everybody who worked their. I was so proud to have been able to be employed there as my father was a steelworker (management) and as a little child he read Dale Carnegie books to me on many subjects from how to win and influence people, strategies, and business principle, including what you accomplished today, tomorrow you need to do better and always give 110 percent at work. When i was told the plant was going to close, like all the people who worked there, nobody would believe this. The trickle down was hard on the surrounding area as gas stations, mom and pop stores, you name it, all closed as 23,000 people coming and leaving 3 shifts a day took it's toll. It was a city in a city, with it's own police, fire dept, and other areas such as country clubs, bowling lanes, etc. Hard economics had hit all the big 3 steelmakers in the 70's and employee reduction with imported steel from countries whom had dumped steel here below the cost of producing the steel here, plus pensions for those on retirement were killing the industry. Nothing last forever anymore, but one thing will always be remembered is THE BETHLEHEM STEELS LEGACY. evertday i drive by that plant and look at a casino kills me as good high paying jobs for the middle class people who had gone to the shore in their Ramblers and spent their money in bars, stores, and helped the economy of this great City of Bethlehem prosper. If i could wish and change one thing in my life it would be bring back the steel plant and the jobs they had provided for our area. And the steel was very good to the city, lehigh university, moravian college amongst others charitable gifts they provided. I will remember all the night time sounds of bells, whistles, beam yard saws, conrail trains that were always running. Damn shame that our Gov would not step in and help like they did with the banks and car manufactures. We need to keep what built this country alive as too many beautiful timeless structures are being razed for a box building, that with a match would melt.

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