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 - JW Cooper School
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second floor hallway, rear of building.

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auditorium stage view


Photo comment By Theresa Robel Price: The hallway leads to two classrooms on the left and the ladies' room straight ahead. The is one of our problem areas. We need many volunteers to help on this refurbishment. If you care to lend your efforts in any way, please contact Kent Steinmets at 570-617-8920 or email me. Thank you!
Photo comment By DJ wychulis: That is the 2nd floor hallway not the 4th floor. in the rear of the building. The classroom on the left was Mr.Cohen's in 1982, when I was a sophomore, then in 1983 we moved to the newly built high school at the west end of town. I remember my locker was in that hallway.
Photo comment By Matthew Christopher: Theresa: Thanks for the information, I hope viewers who are interested will get in touch, it's a great project. DJ: Thanks for the correction and the information about what the rooms were!