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 - JW Cooper School
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exterior view of the j.w. cooper school. the front of the building shows the most improvement from the renovations; one can see that the windows are new and the front classrooms are either in use or in the process of undergoing renovation. Kent Steinmetz has rallied support from the community and local alumni are participating in a program where they pitch in to 'adopt' a classroom. Kent also has made the J.W. Cooper Center a haven for local vendors and artisans - from fresh produce sold out front to a vintage clothing store on a lower level, the building is coming back to life despite still needing much work. also notable in this picture is the separate entrances for boys and girls.

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auditorium stage view


Photo comment By Theresa: The room currently under renovation is the room to the right of the boys' entrance. A dedication date of September 17 is anticipated.
Photo comment By Kent: The original parapet is being restored. About (80) of the window panes in the front of the building have been replaced. A total of almost (600)outside windows are being fixed with only (130+)yet to be done.