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 - JW Cooper School
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second floor hallway

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auditorium stage view


Photo comment By Theresa: Hallway with two side-to-side classrooms on the left. Ladies' room entrance directly ahead at the end of the hallway.
Photo comment By Kent: There is almost (80) steps in this (4) story stairwell from the lower electrical room up to the 4th floor.
Photo comment By DJ Wychulis: That is the 2nd floor, not the 3rd floor. That was Mr Wardigo's Classroom for Math and Mr Cohen's classroom next to the bathroom for Algebra When I was a Sophmore student there in 1982. We moved into the newly built high school in 1983.
Photo comment By Matthew Christopher: Thank you all for the information on the building, I think it adds a lot to the experience to know more about it. I have changed the floor number to the second floor, DJ. I honestly found it a little confusing to know which I was on because of the slope the building is on and the difference in ground level from the front to the rear.