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Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) | Elevated Trestle View

Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) | Elevated Trestle View - Bethlehem Steel
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View of elevated trestle. Photograph taken in 2009 at the abandoned Bethlehem Steel complex in Bethlehem PA by Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America. The Bethlehem Steel site has since been incorporated into the Steel Stacks and Sands Casino.

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Photo comment By Cheryl Guzman: The Empire Mine located in Palmer, Michigan 49866 is scheduled to close down thid year. Claiming indefinite idle status. My father lived and died to produce the pellets that were sent to Bethlehem Steel Factories via the ore carriers that cruise the Great Lakes. Gone are the bustling mining towns filled with shoppers. Street lights torn down Buildings crumbling from disrepair. Sad to see a legacy gone because of illegal trade pricing. Inflation of monies from different countries...leaving persons with no pride. Iron ore was first discovered in out town of Negaunee, Michigan..My family, being proud Cousin Jacks that came here to work from the Tin Mines in Cornwall, England. It would be nice for you to go and review our history before the tailings that are left..supersede any expectations of a better tomorrow! Regards, Cheryl Rice Daughter of a proud miner

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